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Our publication, Illness and Absenteeism: A Manual for Human Resource Personnel, Union Representatives, and Labour Practitioners, is printed in loose leaf format. Comprised of 17 chapters and some 865 pages, it demystifies an area that has long-challenged most practitioners.

The manual’s unique format distills the legal principles underlying each aspect of this topic. The principles and accompanying commentary are supported by carefully selected case excerpts that assist in applying the principles to a given fact situation.

The manual is offered as a subscription service. Included in the annual subscription fee are the manual and ongoing updates, a monthly newsletter, and a new case data base. The goal of the data base is to provide subscribers with access to new cases as soon as they have been released.

Visit our About page for more information on the manual’s author, Denny Kells.

Visit the Manual page and view the entire Table of Contents along with Chapter 7 Medical Certificates. Review the overview and the 20 operative principles. “Click through” on one or more of these principles and view the commentary and excerpts that provide substance to those principles. Don’t forget to examine the five page Checklist of Factors to Review when considering employer demands for medical information.

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